Tufted Duck in Salem

On Friday March 4 I decided to take the ‘scenic’ route to work for no apparent reason.  This route takes me along Captain(‘s) Pond in Salem where I noticed a group of Ring-necked Ducks as I drove by.  I almost didn’t stop but something told me to take a look. I picked up the bins and almost immediately I noticed an oddball sleeping among the group – clean black back, bright white flanks….”no way” I said to myself…then it raised its head….TUFTED DUCK!  I called Amanda and informed Steve Mirick and off to work I went…

The bird was associating primarily with 2 female Greater Scaup (even displaying at one of them a couple of times), and loosely with the flock of 20~ Ring-necks along the north west shore of the pond.

Tufted Duck by Amanda Altena

Tufted Duck

A word of caution for anyone who might go look for the bird:
This is a private pond with no public access. The best viewing is from Hooker Farm Rd. which does not accommodate for roadside parking, so I would suggest a side road to park on (Carriage Ln, Olde Village Rd). There is an open field along the water that is also private (you’ll see the gate with the ‘private’ sign near the road). Also be cautious of traffic, people tend to zip down that road pretty fast.  And lastly and most importantly please be respectful of the neighbors!

Update 3/8

The Tufted Duck continues from the south end of the pond from Captain Rd.

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