Brown Booby in Windham!

On June 10 a BROWN BOOBY was discovered at Cobbett’s Pond in Windham by a local resident. Amanda and I were on a mini-vacation in Tennessee and I got the call after picking up some life birds at Beaman Park…and at first I thought someone was pulling my leg…

Catching wind of this bird while out of the state was a little heart-wrenching, but the fact that it was in WINDHAM — part of our local patch — was eating at me even more! Thankfully the bird decided to stay put for several days and gave us the rare opportunity to photograph it up close and personal.

This is the FIRST STATE RECORD of a Brown Booby in New Hampshire and one of the unlikeliest of places — at in inland pond in Windham!

A special thanks needs to go out to the homeowner John for being such an accommodating host to many of us crazy birders, and for getting the word out in such a timely fashion.

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